Idioms: consarned -- cool under pressure

consarned darn, blasted, dingbusted, friggin The consarned battery is dead. Rats!
contract out on (See a contract out on)
cook play good jazz, play music with skill and inspiration The Boss Brass was cookin' last night. What a great band!
cook your goose finish you, ruin you, goose is cooked If you borrow too much money, you'll cook your goose.
cool fine, sophisticated, hip, groovy, neat, together, way cool, with it "Do you know any cool guys?" "Yes. There's one in my class. Would you like to meet him?"
cool beans nice, great, wonderful, awesome, cool "Hey Dad, I got an A on my math test!" "Cool beans, Nicky! I knew you could do it!"
cool cat (See show-off)
cool it stop it, be good, knock it off The students cool it when the principal walks in.
cool off control your emotions, chill out, calm down I better cool off before I talk to the kids. I'm still angry.
cool under pressure calm during a crisis, able to perform well when you must do it Jo was very cool under pressure. When the judge asked questions, she answered clearly and calmly.
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