Idioms: goodies -- gosh darn (gol darn)

goodies accessories: air, cruise, sun roof, etc.; loaded He likes the Buick because it has a lot of goodies - a lot of extras.
goodness gracious oh my, oh dear, gosh Goodness gracious! That sauce is hot!
goof off play, fool around, horse around We were goofing off in the hall before class - joking and stuff.
goof up do it poorly, screw up If I goof up again, I'm going to use a different typewriter.
goose egg zero, no score, skunked They got three goals. We got the goose egg.
goose is cooked chance is gone, plan has failed, game over If we don't win this game, our goose is cooked.
goose it press the gas pedal down, pedal to the metal When a car tries to pass us, don't goose it. Slow down.
goosed (See Canada goose)
gosh oh, gee, golly, wow Gosh! I didn't know you had a twin sister!
gosh darn (gol darn) frustrating, darn, friggin Where is that gosh-darn pen? Who took my pen?
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