Idioms: name-dropper -- necessity is the mother of invention

name-dropper one who implies famous people are his friends, drop a name That name-dropper! He spoke of Gordon Lightfoot as his friend.
name is cleared name is not involved in a scandal or a crime The lawyer thinks I should leave town until my name is cleared.
name is mud name is bad, name is not respected If you don't pay for the support of your child, your name is mud.
nary a word not a word, nothing When I asked the boy a question, he said nothing - nary a word.
natural high feeling good from having nutritious food or exercise After swimming, she would often experience a natural high.
nature calls need to go the washroom, have to go When nature calls, just say you have an important appointment.
navel-gazing sitting and looking at your own navel, contemplating your own existence "Have you nothing better to do than to sit there navel-gazing?" "No."
nay no, nope "Should Tom be our team leader?" "Nay."
neat fine, well designed, cool What a neat car! It's small but roomy - and comfortable!
necessity is the mother of invention our needs cause us to invent devices, build a better mousetrap Do you think the invention of TV proves that necessity is the mother of invention?
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