Idioms: toast -- tongue-lashing

toast in a lot of trouble, catch hell [B], history Ferris, if you drive your father's Porsche, you're toast.
toe the line do what you are told to do, follow the rules The Military expects you to toe the line - to do as you are told.
together happy, successful; get it together, with it Cathy is really together. She's knows how she wants to live and she's doing it.
toke up smoke marijuana, smoke pot Does it matter if some of our politicians used to toke up?
token gesture (See a token gesture)
ton of bricks (See like a ton of bricks)
tone down make softer or nicer; not so harsh "What do you think of the letter?" "I'd tone it down. It's too harsh."
toney neighborhood a district that has expensive houses The Kitigawas bought a large house in a toney neighborhood.
tongue in cheek fooling, joking, kidding Most of what Bob said was tongue in cheek. He was joking.
tongue-lashing (See a tongue-lashing)
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