Idioms: call it quits -- calm down

call it quits stop doing something, quit what you are doing The dust is bothering all of us. I think we should call it quits.
call it square we do not owe each other, it is a wash, we are even I bought the pizza; you bought the beer. Let's call it square.
call off cancel, postpone They called off the concert because the lead singer is sick.
call off the dogs tell your friends to stop harassing me Okay, I'll pay what I owe you. But call off the dogs!
call on ask, request I may call on you to speak at the meeting. Will you speak to us?
call tabs collect money from bar customers If customers are drunk, you call their tabs and ask them to leave.
call the shots make the decisions, decide what happens Mr. Binks may be the president, but Ms. Barker calls the shots.
call up phone, dingle you, give me a ring, Call her up and ask her for a date. Go ahead, phone her.
calm before the storm (See the calm before the storm)
calm down not be so upset, settle down Please calm down, Mr. Tse. Your daughter is safe.
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