Idioms: at this point in time -- awesome

at this point in time now, at this time At this point in time, ten cases of AIDS have been reported.
at will freely, without restraint He shared his feelings, speaking at will about his problems.
at your beck and call serving you, doing everything for you You don't have to be at his beck and call, doing whatever he asks.
at your fingertips easy to find, ready to use When I repair a car, I like to have all my tools at my fingertips.
attaboy (that a boy) good work, well done, 'at a boy Whenever I win, Don says, "Attaboy! Good game!"
attagirl (that a girl) good work, well done, 'at a girl When Judy gets good grades, her mom says, "Attagirl, Judy!"
away out (See way out)
away out of line (See way out of line)
away to the races going without a problem, smooth sailing When they approve our business loan, we'll be away to the races.
awesome great, super, bonzer, totally awesome We had an awesome time in Rome! It was a great trip!
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