Idioms: higher than a kite -- His Royal Highness

higher than a kite drunk, natural high, sloshed Don't let him drive - he's higher than a kite.
highfalutin proud, pretentious We need a musician, not some highfalutin rock star!
hightail it leave in a hurry, run away If the bull gets loose, you hightail it for the house.
hill of beans not very much, very little What I lose in the poker games doesn't amount to a hill of beans.
hip sophisticated, fashionable, cool, groovy, with it It ain't hip to say doll. You got to say chick now.
hip hop (generation) young adults in the rap-music era with their own slang and subculture I'm hip hop and if you don't like rap you're wack!
hire on get work, get a job, catch on Norm was hired on as a roughneck with an oil company.
his nibs a man who acts high class, His Royal Highness We were having fun till his nibs walked in and told us to be quiet.
his own man independent man, one who makes his own decisions Ken will do his job, but he does it his way. He's his own man.
His Royal Highness the king, His Majesty His Royal Highness would like you to play your lute for him.
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