Idioms: cool your heels -- corner you

cool your heels wait for a judgement, serve a detention Chad is cooling his heels in the Remand Centre - the city jail.
cooler heads prevailed sensible people spoke, violence was avoided There was nearly a riot, but cooler heads prevailed.
coon's age (See in a coon's age)
cop policeman, fuzz, pig I know this cop on the Calgary Police Force - he's a nice guy.
cop out an excuse, not trying, not doing your share Instead of speaking, he showed a video. What a cop out!
copacetic agreeable, fine, go along with, okay, OK Don is copacetic. He agrees with our plans.
copper (See cop)
corked intoxicated, drunk, plastered, sloshed Grant got corked last night and walked home. He couldn't drive.
corner the market become the main supplier, have a monopoly Japanese automakers are trying to corner the luxury car market.
corner you insist that you listen, buttonhole you If Helmer corners you, tell him you have to go to the bathroom.
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