Idioms: come up with -- conk out

come up with think of, compose Can you come up with the answer to my question?
comeback kid an older person who tries to regain his/her former level of success He's the comeback kid. At 60, he thinks he can skate and play the way he used to.
comeuppance correction, what you deserve, just desert, get yours If you've been cruel to people, you'll get your comeuppance.
coming out of our ears having too many, having too much Everybody brought salad. We had salad coming out of our ears!
coming out of your yin yang having far too many, having far too much, tons If we learn all the idioms in this book, we'll have idioms coming out of our yin yang!
coming up roses doing very well, succeeding, Since I met Ty, life is wonderful. Everything's coming up roses!
common sense the ability to make logical decisions; horse sense It is because she has common sense that we ask her opinion.
compare notes compare what we saw and heard We haven't had a chance to compare notes on Pat's wedding.
comuppins (See comeuppance)
conk out quit, not work any more, sleep, give out The TV conked out just after the movie started.
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