Idioms: shove it [B] -- showboat

shove it [B] put it away, stick it up your ass, stuff it If that dental plan pays only half the cost, they can shove it.
show off brag, boast, showboat "Did you see Eric scale the stairs on his rollerblades in front of everybody? He loves to show off."
show-off one who displays, showboat Ron is the show-off in our class. He's always advertising himself.
show promise show some of your ability, show that you will develop Len shows promise as a teacher. He is patient and articulate.
show up attend, go to class or work Vi shows up every week for her lesson. She's always on time.
show you around show you where things are, guide you When we get to the ranch, follow me. I'll show you around.
show you the ropes teach you the first steps, learn the ropes It is my duty to take you to the plant and show you the ropes.
show you up be better than you, cause you to look inferior If you play tennis with Martina, she'll show you up. She's good!
show your stuff do your best, show what you can do When it's your turn to dance, show your stuff. Impress them!
showboat a person who displays, a show-off The peacock is one of nature's showboats - he's magnificent!
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