Idioms: black out -- blessing in disguise

black out remove the nameplate and trim from a vehicle James Dean drove a blacked-out Merc in Rebel Without A Cause.
black sheep the bad one, the one who does bad things He's the black sheep in that family - always in trouble.
blackout (See a blackout)
blank defeat by preventing any goals, skunk In soccer, Italy blanked Ireland 2-nil.
blast (See a blast)
blast you scold you, yell at you Ms. Zank blasted me for using her computer. She was angry.
blasted dad-blamed, darn, doggone Where's the blasted hammer? It's never here when I need it!
blasted drunk, loaded, plastered On her 40th birthday, she went to the bar and got blasted.
bleeding heart one who begs for sympathy for victims, have a soft spot... Hector is a bleeding heart for wolves. "Save the wolves," he tells people in his speeches.
blessing in disguise (See a blessing in disguise)
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