Idioms: chickens come home to roost -- chip off the old block

chickens come home to roost we cannot escape the consequences of our actions We soon discover that lies return to their owner, just as chickens come home to roost.
chickenshit [B] (See chicken)
chief cook and bottle washer manager, supervisor Hal is the chief cook and bottle washer for our school supper.
chill out pause to gain control of your emotions, cool off I think you should chill out before you see the supervisor.
chime in add a word or phrase to a conversation, two cents' worth "I want a piece of cake, too," Izzie chimed in. "Please."
chimo an Inuit expression meaning "Goodbye. It was nice talking to you," bye for now, ciao "I'm glad we finally met!" "Yes, we had a good visit. Chimo!"
chin wag (See a chin wag)
chintzy unwilling to spend, cheap, tight Don't be so chintzy with your time. Volunteer to visit seniors.
chip in each one help to pay for, everybody pay a little We should chip in and buy Sadie a gift when she moves away.
chip off the old block (See a chip off the old block)
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