Idioms: a close shave -- a cut-up

a close shave very close to serious injury or death The old man described his fight with the bear as a close shave.
a clutch hitter (baseball) a batter who hits when runners are on base Joe's a clutch hitter. He's batting .431 with runners on base.
a common thread an idea or theme that is similar to others There's a common thread in most of Berton's stories.
a contract out on a contract that pays to have someone killed There's a contract out on Mike. The boss doesn't like him.
a coon's age many years, a dog's age We haven't been out to the coast in a coon's age. It's been years.
a crash course a short course that has the main facts and skills He took a crash course in cooking and bought a cafe.
a crush on sudden feeling of love or romance Judy has a crush on Tim. See the way she looks at him.
a crying shame a sad event, it is too bad It's a crying shame that they didn't have fire insurance.
a cut above superior, better A scholar's work is a cut above. It's superior to the others.
a cut-up a joker, a person who tells jokes and has fun When Marsha goes to a party she's a real cut-up - a lot of fun.
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