Idioms: dilly -- DINKS

dilly (See it's a dilly)
dilly-dally go very slowly, pause too much Sarah, you come straight home from school. Don't dilly-dally.
dime a dozen (See a dime a dozen)
dimwit one who is slow to respond or catch on I felt like a dimwit when I couldn't remember her name.
ding-a-ling fool, an airhead, jerk What a ding-a-ling! She expects me to pay for a phone book!
dingbat/ding-dong strange person, nerd, weirdo That dingbat wanted me to take off my clothes!
dingbusted damn, blasted, consarned, darn I couldn't reach the dingbusted switch to turn on the light.
dingle you phone you, call you, give me a ring I'll dingle you when I get back from Chicago.
dink [B] penis, dork, hoo-haw Did you wash your hands after you touched your dink?
DINKS married couples who have Double Income No Kids Our travel packages are purchased mainly by DINKS.
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