Idioms: with bells on -- without a stitch of clothes on

with bells on happy to come, ready to have fun I'd love to come to your wedding. I'll be there with bells on!
with his tail between his legs running away in fear, retreating like a coward, run for the hills When he saw the bear, he turned around and ran with his tail between his legs.
with it informed, sophisticated, cool, in the know In the fashion world, Brad's really with it. He knows fashion.
with the naked eye without binoculars or a telescope The comet cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is too small.
with wings to take out, to take with you, to go "Can I take your order?" "I'll have a Big Mac, a large fries and a Coke - with wings."
within earshot close enough to hear, under my breath Lil was within earshot of the radio during the newscast. She heard it.
without a doubt for sure, without question Without a doubt, Toyota has the best record. It's the most reliable.
without a full deck mentally unbalanced, one brick short... At times he acts strange - like he's playing without a full deck.
without a hitch without a problem, smooth sailing Except for one flat tire, the trip went without a hitch.
without a stitch of clothes on nude, naked as a jay bird, stark naked She stood there, ankle deep in water, without a stitch of clothes on.
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