Idioms: groaty to the max -- grow up

groaty to the max very nice, way cool, totally awesome That bike is groaty to the max. I love those wide tires!
groovy stylish, cool, neat, with it That's a groovy T-shirt, man. I like the purple parrot.
ground me keep me at home, not allow me to go out If I don't pass all my subjects, my parents will ground me.
grounded not allowed to go out, forced to stay in Pam was grounded for a week because she stayed out all night.
Group of Five (See The Group of Five)
Group of Seven (See The Group of Seven)
grouse complain, a bitch [B] The mayor said everybody's grousing about high taxes.
grow a tail need to defecate, drop a log Have you seen a washroom? I'm growing a tail.
grow on you you like it more each day, gradually like it more In time, you will appreciate Lang's poetry. It grows on you.
grow up live during childhood, become a young adult He grew up on a farm in Alberta. He was a farm boy.
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