Idioms: fresh -- from day one

fresh (See get fresh)
fresh legs players who are rested, players who are not tired "We need fresh legs out there!" the coach yelled. "They're tired!"
fresh out do not have any, all used up I wish I could lend you some rice, but I'm fresh out.
fresh pair of eyes (See a fresh pair of eyes)
fresh start (See a fresh start)
freshen up wash your hands etc., use the washroom If you want to freshen up, you can use our bathroom.
friends with a friend of, a good friend "Are you friends with Carla?" "Yes. She's my best friend."
friggin damn, cotton-picking, darn, flipping Then the friggin string broke and the friggin marbles fell all over the friggin floor!
frightened to death very afraid, scared spitless, scared stiff She said she was frightened to death when she heard the shot.
from day one from the beginning, from the first day From day one, Carol has been a good employee.
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