Idioms: golly -- good bet

golly oh, gee, gosh Golly! I've never seen so much snow.
golly gee oh, gee whiz, wow Golly gee! Nobody ever did that to me before.
gone to pot in poor condition, neglected, run down The farmyard had gone to pot. There was junk everywhere.
gone to the dogs not well maintained, in very poor condition My garden has gone to the dogs. It's full of dandelions and weeds.
goner (See a goner)
gonzo gone, not here, out of here On June 30, school's over and I'm gonzo!
good afternoon hello, hi, good day Answer the phone this way: "Good afternoon, Ko speaking."
good and dead/mad/sick very dead or mad or sick etc. That rodeo bull was good and mad. He tried to gore the rider.
good arm (See a good arm)
good bet good team or horse or person to bet on The Leafs look like a good bet to win the series. They should win.
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