Idioms: screw loose -- second nature

screw loose (See a screw loose)
screw up perform poorly, ruin it, blow it I hope I don't screw up when I take my driver's test.
screw-up a careless mistake, a bungled job Those screw-ups were his fault. He forgot to order materials.
screw you [B] the worst to you, up yours [B] After I defeated him, he said, "Screw you." He hates to lose.
scrut oh no, darn, nuts, rats Scrut! My bike has a flat tire!
scum/scumbag unpleasant person, dirty rat, slimebucket "Scum!" he shouted at the man who had attacked his daughter.
search me I do not have the answer, I do not know "Who took my Coke?" "Search me. I don't know."
second fiddle (See play second fiddle)
second guess guess what people think or what they will do Don't try to second guess people. Ask them what you need to know.
second nature natural ability or interest, talent Skating is second nature to Paul. He's got natural skating ability.
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