Idioms: follow me -- footloose and fancy free

follow me understand what I am saying, understand my meaning, get my drift "Do you follow me?" "Yes, except for the idioms."
follow the rules read the rules and do what they say, toe the line If everybody follows the rules, we'll have fewer accidents.
follow through do what you promise, see it through If you promise to help, try to follow through.
food for thought ideas worth considering, interesting suggestions Your comments on Quebec have given me food for thought.
fool and his money... (See a fool and his money are soon parted)
fool around play, play around, goof off, horse around We don't fool around in her class. She's very strict.
fool around have sex with someone who is not your spouse, have an affair Rita asked Jon for a divorce. She knows he's been fooling around.
fool you trick you, deceive you Paul was fooling you. He owns a Ford, not a Ferrari.
foot the bill pay all of the expenses, pay the shot It's not right for Dad to foot the bill for your trip to Vegas.
footloose and fancy free carefree, not committed, devil-may-care When the kids moved out, we were footloose and fancy free!
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