Idioms: hooker -- horse around

hooker prostitute, fallen woman As I walked along 3rd Avenue, a hooker asked me if I was lonely.
hoosegow (See in the slammer)
hoot laugh, laugh your head off, split a gut When I said I live in Moose Jaw, he hooted. He laughed at me.
hop up increase the power, supercharge, tweak "What are you driving?" "A hopped-up Ford. It flies!"
hopes dashed plans ruined, dreams lost Her hopes were dashed when she failed the entrance exam.
hopping mad very angry, hot She was hopping mad when you laughed at her wig.
hork vomit, puke, barf, throw up Somebody horked on the floor of my car! Yuk!
horn in interfere, intrude, butt in We were playing a game of tag, and the big guys tried to horn in.
horny [B] ready for sex, wanting to have sex, aroused How come you're never horny when I am?
horse around play, joke, fool around, goof off Don't horse around in the lab. You could spill some acid.
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