Idioms: loaded -- long and the short of it

loaded drunk, inebriated, sloshed After his fifth drink of rum, he was loaded. He was staggering.
loaded wealthy, rich, deep pockets, moneybags To own a jet, you would have to be very wealthy - loaded.
loaded to the hilt fully loaded, packed to the top The trailer was loaded to the hilt - full of our belongings.
local yokel resident of a town or rural community, local resident We were lost, so we stopped and asked a local yokel for help.
lock you up put you in prison, put you in a mental hospital If you sell cigarettes to children, the police will lock you up.
lock, stock and barrel everything, kit and caboodle They took everything in the shed - lock, stock and barrel.
log off exit from a mainframe computer system Before you log off, be sure to save the work you completed.
log on enter a mainframe computer system When you log on, you have to type in your password.
lollygag be idle, be listless, waste time (see the opposite: waste no time) Hank isn't busy today. He's just lollygagging around the house.
long and the short of it (See the long and the short of it)
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