Idioms: skoal -- sleep in

skoal a Scandinavian toast or salute, cheers, drink up Jonas, here's to the monster fish we caught. Skoal!
skunk not score one goal, goose egg In the final game we got skunked 6-0. We were humiliated.
sky isn't blue (See the sky isn't blue)
slackass [B] lazy person, lazy bones Larry, you slackass, get over here and help us load the truck!
slam criticize, insult, knock, put down The newspaper article slammed the government for being slow to help the flood victims.
slammer (See in the slammer)
slap my afro / slap my fro slap me to help me think, wake me up, shut my mouth "Did you know that a Pentium computer is smarter than most Americans?" "Well, slap my fro! I didn't know that!"
slash and burn reduce and cut programs without care or mercy To save money, the Government used slash-and-burn policies.
sleep around [B] sleep with and make love to many partners Harry was sleeping around before his wife divorced him.
sleep in sleep until late in the morning Don't call me until after lunch tomorrow. I'm going to sleep in.
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