Idioms: dark horse -- dash off a note/letter

dark horse the competitor that could surprise us and win The dark horse in the World Cup is Ireland. They could win it all.
dark side bad side of a person, the evil part of our nature Most people try to hide the dark side of their personality.
darken a church door attend church, go to a church service He never darkens a church door except to attend funerals.
darn damn, ruddy 35° is hot - too darn hot!
darn it oh no, not again, nuts, rats Darn it! I locked my keys in the car.
darn my luck my luck is poor, I am unlucky today My bread is in the oven and the power goes off. Darn my luck!
darn right that is right, yes, you betcha "Do you believe in ghosts?" "Darn right I do! I just saw one!"
darn tooting that is true, I agree, darn right "They still talk about the winter of 1907, don't they, Helmer?" "Darn tootin'! It was a cold one!"
dasein blending into a group, not distinct or unique How to describe Anna? Dasein - she seems to disappear in a group.
dash off a note/letter quickly write a note or letter and send it Josi dashed off a note to her cousin in Toronto - in English.
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