Idioms: gathering dust -- Generation X

gathering dust not being used, sitting on a shelf, collecting dust That old coffee tray has been gathering dust for years.
gear up prepare, get ready, find equipment and supplies After we print this manual we have to gear up for a novel.
gee oh, well, gosh, wow Gee! What happened to your hair? Did you cut it yourself?
gee willickers oh, golly, gosh "Gee willickers!" Linda said, legs crossed and eyes bulging, "Are you still in the bathroom!?"
gee whiz golly gee, gosh darn, aw shucks Gee whiz, Miss Julie. I'd never do anything to hurt you.
geek strange person, scholar, book worm, nerd Allan reads a lot and stays by himself. He's kind of a geek.
geez darn, gee whiz, gosh Geez, I hate mosquitoes!
geezer old man, old person, old coot On one street there was an old geezer begging for money.
geezer gap the differences between people aged 60 and 80 The word senior includes everyone in the geezer gap.
Generation X people born in the 1970s; a generation that wanted to change the work ethic Generation X said that the jobs disappeared as they graduated from high school and university.
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