Idioms: pay your dues -- peed

pay your dues work hard and learn, be loyal for years In the sport of rodeo, you have to pay your dues to get respect.
pay your way pay your share of the expenses "I don't want charity," she said. "I pay my way."
peace of mind freedom from worry or guilt If you want peace of mind, you should buy insurance.
peaches-and-cream beautiful skin, clear complexion This new lotion will give you a peaches-and-cream complexion.
peachy fine, great, wonderful, neat When I asked Ko if she liked her job, she said, "Yes! It's peachy!"
peanuts small amount of money, loss of a negligible value, a paltry sum, chicken feed "Isn't the loss of one billion worth of credits a problem for you?" "Oh, that's peanuts for a bank like us."
pecking order from strongest to weakest, line of authority The first thing to learn about a company is the pecking order.
pedal her ass [B] sell sex, become a prostitute Jane used to joke about pedaling her ass to earn extra money.
pedal to the metal accelerator all the way down, flat out He always drives fast - pedal to the metal all the time.
peed (See she peed)
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