Idioms: gab -- gash

gab talk, visit, flap your gums Mom and Maria were gabbing as they played cribbage.
gadzooks amazing, holy Moses, wow "Bev had triplets!" "Gadzooks! How did that happen?"
game for anything ready to try anything, a game one, gung ho If you're going to the moon, I'll go. I'm game for anything.
game one (See a game one)
game over finished, complete; the chance is gone If you've signed the contract, it's game over. You can't change it.
Gang of Four any group of four people that causes trouble or intimidates citizens A member of the Gang of Four just phoned to complain about the English signs in our town.
Political phrase originating in China: Jiang Qing, Zhang Chunqiao, Wang Hongwen and Yao Wenyuan were prominent members of the Communist party and leading forces in the Cultural Revolution (1965-1976). After Mao's death in 1976, the Gang of Four was tried and sentenced to death. The sentence was subsequently reduced to 20 years in prison.
gang up on several go against one, many fight one Three boys ganged up on Willie and knocked him down.
garage kept in good condition, kept in a garage when not in use This car has been garage kept. The body's excellent.
gas a lot of fun, a great party or show, have a blast We had a great time at Ollen's party. It was a gas!
gash girls, broads, chicks, lovelies We can't have a party without gash. Let's phone some girls.
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