Idioms: good head -- goodies

good head (See a good head)
good morning hello, hi, good day We said, "Good morning, Miss Keele," as we entered the room.
good on you that is good, you did good work, good for you If you can tie a kangaroo down, good on ya, mate!
good riddance good that someone or something goes away When the manager resigned, we all said, "Good riddance!"
good show that is good, you performed well Good show, I say. Jolly good show! Let's see another trick.
good sport (See a good sport)
good time a good experience; an enjoyable party, visit, etc. There were lots of people at the wedding and everybody had a good time!
good to go ready to go, ready to leave You have the saddle and I have the horse. We're good to go!
good wood on it (See get good wood on it)
goodies cookies, candy, cake, etc. Grandma always had a plate of goodies on the table for us.
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