Idioms: gospel truth -- got it made

gospel truth (See the gospel truth)
got a corner on got most of the business, corner the market Bata's got a corner on the shoe business in Ontario.
got a crush on feel romantic about, sweet on Wayne's got a crush on Miss Kramer. He loves Miss Kramer!
got a light got a match, have a cigarette lighter I lost my matches. Have you got a light?
got guts have courage, have nerves of steel She's got guts to try skydiving. It's a dangerous sport.
got him covered point a gun at him, prevent him from going "I've got you covered!" the boy said, pointing a toy gun at me.
got it bad feels it very much, has a case of Poor Jenny. She loves Stuart. She's got it bad for him.
got it coming deserve to get hurt, should get hell [B] If you drive drunk, you should be punished - you've got it coming.
got it in for dislike, is unkind to, is on my case I think Mr. Yee's got it in for me. He's very critical of my work.
got it made be happy and successful and rich Brandy's got it made: she has a career, wealth and a loving family.
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