Idioms: number one -- nutty as a fruit cake

number one the best, the winner, top dog "We're number one!" the crowd shouted when we won the game.
numbskull idiot, foolish person, dimwit, dipstick Why did he call me a numbskull? I'm not stupid.
nut a person who acts crazy or foolish You nut! Wearing that wig makes you look like a British judge.
nut bar, nut case (See a nut case)
nut house mental hospital, psychiatric ward, loony bin They took Hans to the nut house when he taped paper wings to his arms and tried to fly.
nuts crazy, around the bend, off your rocker If that phone rings once more I'll go nuts!
nuts oh no, darn, rats, sheesh When he doesn't catch the ball, he says, "Nuts!"
nuts about likes a lot, passionate, crazy about Helen is nuts about Mozart. She loves his piano concertos.
nutty as a fruit cake funny, kooky, mad as a hatter Do I know Karl? Yes, I do. He's nutty as a fruit cake!
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