Idioms: look sharp -- loose cannon

look sharp look very nice, very well dressed and groomed She looks very sharp in her new suit-like a model!
look the other way try not to notice, turn the other way The officer saw the liquor, but he looked the other way.
look up a dead horse's ass [B] do a worthless task, do a pointless exercise, pissing into the wind If they want a tax-free society, they may as well be looking up a dead horse's ass!
look up to admire, idolize Ian looks up to his brother. He respects James a lot.
look up/look it up find it in a book Please look up the word guru.
looking up (See things are looking up)
loonie Canadian one-dollar coin I bought this rose for one loonie!
loony bin mental hospital, nut house If you ride that giraffe downtown they'll put you in the loony bin.
looped drunk, loaded, smashed You were looped last night. You don't remember what happened.
loose cannon (See a loose cannon)
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