Idioms: crap -- crazy like a fox

crap lies, bull, BS He told us that history books contain a lot of crap - BS.
crappy poor quality, junky, shabby What a crappy camera! Look at these terrible pictures!
crash go to bed, go to sleep Sometimes Don crashes on our sofa and sleeps for hours.
crash fail to operate, not work, break down, kaput If Netscape crashes, I'll have to use the phone instead of e-mail.
crash a party go to a party uninvited, horn in Bo and his friends crashed our party. They came uninvited.
crash course (See a crash course)
crawl on my hands and knees over broken glass just to see her photo do anything to be closer to her, worship the ground she walks on I'm so in love I'd crawl on my hands and knees over miles of broken glass to see her photo.
crawling with having many of them, oodles, scads The hotel was crawling with police. I couldn't count them.
crazy about like a lot, mad about Dad's crazy about sports. He really loves baseball.
crazy like a fox crafty while appearing foolish or dumb, play the fool In the debate, he was crazy like a fox. He praised his opponent for being clever and ruthless.
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