Idioms: mad about -- make a big deal of it

mad about like a lot, love very much, crazy about, head over heels Olga's mad about Yorgi. She loves him too much!
mad about angry about, pissed off[B] He's mad about the lost key. He told me I was careless.
mad as a hatter strange, eccentric, batty, plumb loco If you wear that pink wig, people will think you're mad as a hatter.
mad hatter strange, unusual, wacko Jo lives in a mad-hatter place. Her friends walk around nude and sing songs about heaven.
made for each other be natural mates, be very compatible, soul mates Bob and Alice are made for each other. They're happily married.
mainstream common, familiar, of the majority Smoking isn't as common now. It isn't a mainstream activity.
major (credit) (See a major)
major big, huge, main "Is money a problem?" "Ya. Major."
make a beeline go straight towards When the kids saw the ice-cream man, they all made a beeline for him.
make a big deal of it complain a lot, make a mountain... Whenever Todd dances with me, Brenda makes a big deal of it.
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