Idioms: off your high horse -- Old Boys' Club

off your high horse (See get off your high horse)
off your rocker crazy, not rational, around the bend You gave away your piano? You're off your rocker!
offer I couldn't refuse (See an offer I couldn't refuse)
offhand casual, without much thought, off the cuff I didn't think before I spoke. It was an offhand remark.
offside (hockey) going into the opponent's zone ahead of the puck Wayne scored a beautiful goal, but Kurri was offside on the play.
oh my gosh oh no, oh dear, darn, rats Oh my gosh! I've lost my keys!
oilpatch the local oil industry, the oil business Calgary's oilpatch does not control the price of oil and gas.
okay, OK fine, good, cool It's okay with me if your friends come to play.
okay, OK yes, alright "Can I borrow your sweater?" "OK - if I can use your cell phone."
Old Boys' Club a group of wealthy old men with political power For City approval, talk to Craig. He's in the Old Boys' Club.
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