Idioms: odd one -- off key (music)

odd one (See the odd one)
odds and ends small pieces that are not used, tie up loose ends When you build the fence, save the odds and ends to make toys.
odds-on favorite (See the odds-on favorite)
of course you can you can do it; yes, you can "I can't read this fat book." "Of course you can, Johnny."
of the lot of the group, of the bunch This rug is the best of the lot. It's nicer than the others.
of two minds having two opinions, mixed feelings Speaking of abortion, I'm of two minds: pro choice and pro life.
off sour, spoiled The cream tastes a bit off. I think we should buy fresh cream.
off-beat different, unusual His condo has an off-beat design. There's a shower in the kitchen.
off color bad, dirty, impolite His wife gets so embarrassed when he tells an off-color joke.
off key (music) not at the right pitch, not in tune He has a beautiful voice, but wasn't he singing a bit off key?
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