Idioms: toodles/toodle-oo -- top of the morning

toodles/toodle-oo bye, goodbye, ciao, so long "Toodle-oo," she said, smiling. "I must go now."
tool around play, fool around, goof off The students were tooling around because they had no assignment.
toot your own horn brag, talk about your own success Since Ted won the bowling trophy he's been tooting his own horn.
tooth and nail (See fight tooth and nail)
top dog boss, leader, head honcho Kruger is top dog now, but he could lose the next election.
top drawer excellent, first class Amy's report is top drawer. It deserves a high grade.
top it off finish it, add the last piece or statement He topped it off by saying we would get a big bonus this year.
top it up fill it to the top, fill it to the mark Check the oil every week and top it up if necessary.
top notch very good quality, first class Claret Sol is a top notch wine, but it's very dry.
top of the morning good morning, have a good morning, the best of the morning Old Tweedsmuir would say, "Top o' the morning to you," as we walked to school.
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