Idioms: sharp -- sheesh

sharp intelligent, quick to learn Geoff is a sharp kid. He's doing calculus at the age of twelve.
sharp sarcastic, abrupt Even when Anne was tired, she never gave you a sharp reply.
sharp at a specific time, on the dot The preacher began the service on time - at 11 a.m. sharp.
sharp as a tack quick to understand, able to think quickly He may be 85, but he's sharp as a tack - plays chess every day.
sharpen up think carefully, use your intelligence If I make a mistake, I don't want him telling me to sharpen up.
sharpen your pencils be ready, be prepared Let's sharpen our pencils, gang. We have to set some goals.
she peed she is great, she took risks and succeeded, did good, done good, totally awesome "Hey John, how'd Jessie's concert go?" "She peed. She peed all over the stage. She was awesome!"
shed a little light on explain, enlighten, help you understand, To shed a little light on the topic of idioms, we'll read this book.
shed a tear cry, weep He hides his emotions. When his dog died, he didn't shed a tear.
sheesh this is frustrating, I am embarrassed, darn, nuts Sheesh! I did it again! Why do I say lay when I mean lie?
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