Idioms: any word -- as a matter of fact

any word any phone calls or letters, any reply Any word from Dale? He should have called us by now.
anything goes there are no rules; expect anything to happen Anything goes during Stampede week. People do crazy things!
apple a day... (See an apple a day keeps the doctor away)
apple of his eye (See the apple of his eye)
apple-pie order very neat, well organized, shipshape, tickety-boo "Is your room in apple-pie order?" "Yes, Mom. It is."
armed to the teeth prepared to fight or defend, having lots of evidence By the time the trial began, the lawyer was armed to the teeth.
around Robin Hood's barn (See all around Robin Hood's barn)
around the bend crazy or insane, off your rocker If I had to listen to that noise all the time, I'd go around the bend.
around the clock twenty-four hours, 'round the clock Julie worked around the clock to finish her sewing project.
as a matter of fact to state a fact, in fact, to be perfectly honest The burrowing owl is a protected species. As a matter of fact, it's an endangered species.
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