Idioms: rap your knuckles -- raw deal

rap your knuckles (See get your knuckles rapped)
rat fink person who tattles, one who squeals, fink You rat fink! Did you blab to Mom and Dad? Did you tell them?
rat on tell the police or the authorities, squeal, tell on Billy won't rat on me. He won't tell the teacher.
rat race fast pace, busy schedule, living/working in the city What a rat race! I want to leave the city and live in the country.
ratch damage, wreck, trash Who ratched the gears on my bike? I can't shift into low!
rats oh no, darn, nuts Rats! We have a flat tire!
rattle my chain annoy me, anger me, get under my skin That woman rattles my chain, the way she gossips about me!
rattle on continue to talk, ramble, hold forth The professor was rattling on about Canadian culture.
rattle sabres threaten to attack, appear to be preparing for war The workers are rattling their sabres, but they won't strike.
raw deal (See a raw deal)
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