Idioms: dipstick -- dis/diss

dipstick a person who seems to be stupid, dimwit When Todd is nervous, he acts like a dipstick - like a fool.
dirt cheap very cheap, not expensive Cherries are dirt cheap in B.C. during the summer.
dirt file record of failures and bad actions Every time we have a fight, you haul out my dirt file.
dirties (See dirty laundry)
dirty dog/dirty rat immoral person, liar, scum, slimebucket You dirty rat! You stole my truck and used my credit card!
dirty laundry personal problems, mistakes, scandals I don't want the public to see my dirty laundry - my worst moves.
dirty money stolen money, money obtained illegally We believe the donation from the Mafia is dirty money.
dirty thirties 1930s, when drought caused hardship on the prairie; dirty thirties During the dirty thirties, soil drifted into the ditches and crops wouldn't grow.
dirty work unpleasant tasks, difficult work I do the dirty work - fight for the puck - and he scores the goals.
dis/diss insult, criticize, disrespect, put down If you dis me, I won't help you with your math.
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