Idioms: know the ropes -- kooky

know the ropes know how, have much experience, learn the ropes Good managers know the ropes. They have skills and experience.
know the score know what is happening, in the know, know your stuff The leader of the party should know the score. He or she should be well informed.
know where we stand know our position, know if we have a chance, leave me hanging The Department hasn't replied to our application for assistance, so we don't know where we stand.
know which end is up know where you are, know what to do next With so many problems, he doesn't know which end is up.
know which side your bread is buttered on know who pays your salary, If you refuse extra work, you have common sense, bite the hand that feeds... don't know which side your bread is buttered on.
know your stuff know a lot, know facts, have the answers In calculus, Tara knows her stuff. She can solve difficult problems.
know your way around know how to survive, be worldly wise To live on the street, you have to know your way around.
knuckle down work harder, achieve more If you knuckle down and study, you can pass this exam.
knucklehead one who does not think, doughhead What a knucklehead! He made the same mistake ten times.
kooky crazy, hairbrain, nuts Just because I eat insects doesn't mean I'm kooky.
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