Idioms: notch below -- number is up

notch below (See a notch below)
nothing succeeds like success one success leads to more success This is the first rule of learning: Nothing succeeds like success.
nothing to it (See there's nothing to it)
nothing to sneeze at of good quality, do not ignore it That was a nice apartment - nothing to sneeze at.
nothing to write home about not special or spectacular, no great shakes He's a nice guy, but nothing to write home about.
nothing ventured, nothing gained if you try nothing, you will gain nothing; go for it We've decided to start a business. As the old saying goes, Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
now or never (See it's now or never)
nuke heat in a microwave oven, zap If you nuke a potato, it cooks in about seven minutes.
nukes nuclear arms, nuclear weapons He opposes the building of more nukes - like nuclear bombs.
number is up (See your number is up)
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