Idioms: shekel -- shit hot [B]

shekel dollar, coin, buck, loonie He earns a few shekels a day by selling bottles that he finds.
shell out pay money for, fork over How much did you shell out for that calculator? Thirty dollars?
shellack defeat in a game, win by many points The Bears were shellacked by the Pirates. The score was 19-2.
shipshape everything is clean and orderly, ready for inspection, tickety-boo We're ready for the demonstration. Everything is shipshape.
shirty impolite, rude, cheeky, lippy Brad has an attitude. He gets a little shirty with his teachers.
shit disturber [B] a person who tries to cause problems Cal is a shit disturber. He tries to embarrass the boss at meetings.
shit-faced [B] very drunk, plastered, polluted He goes to the bar every day and drinks until he's shit-faced.
shit fire and apple butter I am getting upset, good grief, hell's bells You still haven't taken your shower? Shit fire and apple butter! We have to leave in 10 minutes!
shit hit the fan [B] (See the shit hit the fan)
shit hot [B] very skilled, talented I've played golf with him. He's not so shit hot.
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