Idioms: throw up -- tickety-boo

throw up vomit, puke, barf, ralph, upchuck The baby will throw up if you bounce him after he's eaten.
throw you cause you to forget or stumble Don't let the large crowd throw you. Focus on your music.
throw you to the dogs let you fight alone, let you fight the bad guys Let us help you. The pimps will throw you to the dogs.
throw your weight around use power to scare you, power trip Bud throws his weight around - tells everybody what to do.
throw yourself at him try too hard to impress him, push your love on him Be a little reserved, not so obvious. Don't throw yourself at him.
thrown in added to a list, recipe, etc.; included afterwards The weather will be cloudy, with a shower or two thrown in.
tick over running well, working well, hit on all cylinders Sandro tuned the motor, and now it's ticking over beautifully.
ticked off a little upset, annoyed, teed off Fred gets ticked off at people who throw butts out the window.
ticketed known as, named, labeled If you do something funny, you'll be ticketed as the team clown.
tickety-boo operating well, A-OK After they gave him insulin, everything was tickety-boo.
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