Idioms: plastered -- play a trick on

plastered very drunk, hammered, looped, sloshed After losing the fight, Jock went and got plastered.
plastic credit cards, bank cards I like to use plastic when I travel. I don't feel safe carrying cash.
plate is full too much to do, cannot do any more I'm busy writing exams. My plate is full.
play a big part do much to help, be a main factor The nice weather played a big part in the success of our festival.
play a bit-part be a minor actor in a movie or a stage play Irene played a bit-part in a movie last year. She's a good actor.
play a joke on fool or trick someone, play a prank on I played a joke on Ty. I phoned and said he'd won the lottery.
play a mean game play very well, play to win Ingrid may beat you. She plays a mean game of chess.
play a part be a cause, affect the result His drinking played a part in his dismissal. Drinking was a cause.
play a prank on arrange a surprise for you so people will laugh Ty played a prank on me. He left a message to call the president.
play a trick on deceive you for fun, play a joke on We played a trick on Liz. We sent her picture to a beauty contest.
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