Idioms: hell to pay [B] -- here's to

hell to pay [B] angry people to face, questions to answer When I come in at 4 a.m. there's hell to pay.
hell's bells I can't believe it, good grief, jumping Jehoshaphat Hell's bells! Where have you been? We've been looking all over for you!
hell's half acre [B] (See all over hell's half acre)
hellish [B] bad, awful, unfair If we have to pay our medical bills, it's a hellish arrangement!
help out help someone, lend a hand The Wongs are good neighbors - always willing to help out.
help yourself please take some, dig in, eat up Help yourself to hamburgers. Don't wait to be served.
helping hand (See a helping hand)
hemming and hahing saying "ahem...ah" while thinking what to say, beat around the bush When we asked him about the missing money, there was a lot of hemming and hahing.
here's mud in your eye here is a toast to you, drink up It's good to have a drink with you. Here's mud in your eye.
here's to I salute, we recognize, we praise, cheers Here's to Tim Ko on his 75th birthday! Congratulations, Tim!
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