Idioms: brush up on -- buckle up

brush up on review, relearn or practise; bone up on The teacher said I should brush up on my spelling - try to improve.
brush with death nearly die, at death's door, on my deathbed After a close brush with death you'll think that life is precious.
brush with the law an illegal act, a minor crime Judd told me about his brush with the law - a shoplifting charge.
buck dollar, greenback, loonie When I earn some bucks, I'm going to buy a stereo.
buck fever nervous, unable to perform well, choke Every time I play in a competition I get buck fever. I get so nervous.
buck stops here (See the buck stops here)
buck up be strong, be positive Buck up, my friend. You will soon be finished with exams.
buckle down work harder, try harder, bite the bullet Next term I'm going to buckle down and get good grades.
buckle under quit, lose, not try, give up We're losing, but we won't buckle under. We won't quit.
buckle up fasten your seat belt, buckle your seat belt Buckle up. Dad won't drive away until we fasten our seat belts.
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