Idioms: The Rock -- the short end of the stick

The Rock a Federal prison on Alcatraz, a rocky island in San Francisco Bay Do you remember Birdman of Alcatraz? Burt Lancaster plays a lifer who escapes from The Rock by swimming across the bay.
The Rock a prison on Riker's Island, New York; in the slammer After Willie left The Rock he vowed to go straight.
the room is so small you have to go outside turn around the room is very small; so small you could barely swing a cat It's not a large apartment. The bathroom is so small I have to go outside to turn around.
the root of the problem the cause of the problem, the reason for the problem Students don't do enough reading - that's the root of the problem.
the runaround an indirect answer, pass the buck, what a rigmarole I complained about the dryer, but they gave me the runaround. They blamed the delivery man.
the runt of the litter the smallest and weakest in a group of animal siblings born at the same time When it comes to mathematics, I am the runt of the litter. My scores on math tests are very low.
the salt of the earth common people; honest, hard-working people The Swensons are plain, decent people - the salt of the earth.
the school of hard knocks life's hard lessons, learning from mistakes, roll with the punches Teachers taught me what I should know; the school of hard knocks taught me what I must know.
the shit hit the fan people become angry, somebody starts a fight It was a good party until Ed started a fight. Then the shit hit the fan!
the short end of the stick the worst job, the least pay, dump on When I work with Ken, I always get the short end of the stick. He gives me the hard jobs.
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