Idioms: cheek -- cherrypicker (hockey)

cheek sharp reply, sarcasm, lip When I called Mom a crab, she said, "No more of your cheek!"
cheek by jowl beside, alongside, side by side Jack and James fought cheek by jowl in World War I.
cheeky rude, impolite, lippy, sassy Tara is too cheeky. She told her mom to stop flirting with men.
cheerio goodbye, bye for now, so long, toodle-oo "Cheerio, dear. See you at lunchtime!"
cheers a British toast or greeting meaning good health to you or goodbye and good wishes, chimo, ciao I raise my glass to a great leader: Sir Winston Churchill. Cheers!
cheery-bye goodbye, bye, cheerio I'll see you tomorrow. Cheery-bye!
cheesecake naked flesh, bare skin The dancer provided lots of cheesecake - lots of bare leg.
cheesed off upset, annoyed, ticked off They were cheesed off when I said you wouldn't pay them.
cheesy poor quality, crappy, shabby The acting was pretty cheesy. The actors didn't know their lines.
cherrypicker (hockey) a player who waits at center ice for a pass Our coach told us about the cherrypicker on the other team.
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