Idioms: lip off -- live by

lip off talk without respect, talk back Did you hear him lip off the police? He called them pigs.
lippy rude, impolite, cheeky, sassy If you get lippy with me, I'll give you extra work to do.
lips are sealed will not talk about it, mum's the word I won't tell anybody you love the coach. My lips are sealed.
liquored up drunk, having drunk too much liquor, sloshed I wish Pa wouldn't get liquored up when he goes to town.
listen up listen carefully, pay attention The coach said, "Listen up, guys. This is important."
little bird told me (See a little bird told me)
little by little a little progress each time you try, bit by bit Little by little, we saved our money to buy this house.
little white lie (See white lie)
live and let live live your life and let others live their lives Pop's approach to life is simple and fair: live and let live.
live by follow, use as a guide My husband and I live by two principles: honesty and trust.
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